Jurassic World Dominion – Soundtrack Album

Jurassic World Dominion - Soundtrack Album

Original name: OST Jurassic World Dominion
Year of issue: 2022
Country: USA
Soundtrack genre: Original Soundtrack

Soundtrack: Jurassic World Dominion

1. Jurassi-logos / Dinow This
2. A Dinosaur in the Ranching Business
3. It’s Like Herding Parasaurolophus
4. Upsy-Maisie
5. Clonely You / The Hunters Become the Hunted
6. The Campfire in Her Soul
7. Hay of the Locusts
8. A Sattler State of Affairs / Alan for Granted / Sattler? I Barely Know Her
9. The Wages of Biosyn
10. Free-Range Kidnapping
11. A-Biosyn’ We Will Go
12. This Dodgson Burns Bright / The Maltese Dragons
13. You’re So Cute When You Smuggle
14. In Contempt of Delacourt / Dance of the Atrociraptors
15. Da Plane and Da Cycle
16. You’re Making Me Feel Wu-zy
17. The Geneticist’s Gambit / Cicadian Rhythms
18. Therizinosaurus Will Be Blood / Land of the Frost
19. A Dimetrodon a Dozen
20. She Shoots, She Scorches
21. Gigantosaurus On Your Life
22. Ladder and Subtract / What’s Your Major Malcolm Function / Six Degrees of Evacuation
23. Ramsay’s the Second No More
24. Gotta Shut Down the Blah Blah Blah
25. Girls Can Alpha Too
26. Saliva and Kicking
27. Wu-ing for Redemption
28. Battle Royale with Reprise / Six Days Seven Denouements
29. A-O-Kayla
30. All the Jurassic World’s A Rage
31. Larry Curly and MOE
32. Suite, Suite Dino Revenge


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